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22" Walleye (textured paint, leathertop fin, copper lower fins, brass gill tacks, detailed mouth and gills)
11" Walleye (Indian-head nickel, brass tacks, copper fins)
6" Flag Dragon Fly (regular dragon fly painted flag)
8"Catfish (copper whiskers)
12" Rainbow Trout Eating a Spider
Old wooden bowling pin with a spider attachedfirmly in themouth the trout, brass gill tacks, copper spider legs.

12" RainbowTroutEating aNorthern
Sold only as a set - old wooden bowling pin for trout with brass gill tacks & 7" DFD northern decoy to place in mouth of trout- detachable.
Papa Don't Eat Me 7" Lil Fat Trout Eating a Lil Fat Trout. (brass gill tacks and copper tail)
Artic Char
Mallards - Hen and Drake, same size as the "print ducks" - sold individually or in pairs.
"Purple People Eater" - - Minnesota Vikings decoys. In catfish, trout or northern bodies. Can be numbered on the bottom with your players favorite number.
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