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Below are 21 decoys featured on the Ronnie Wells "Duluth Fish Decoys" limited edition print.

I still have available the 18"X24" print signed by Ronnie Wells and me.  Only 1500 were printed and each one is numbered.  It is also available as a Post Card.

Call or email for availability and prices for Decoys, Prints and Post Cards.

DFD 6 Inch Dragon Fly

DFD 9 inch Bufflehead

DFD 10 inch Pickerel Northern

DFD 10 inch Perch

DFD 9-14 inch Mud Puppy (length varies)

DFD 12 inch Flag Fish

DFD 10 inch Frog

DFD 9 inch Rainbow Trout

DFD 6 Inch Crayfish

DFD 6 inch turtle

DFD 9 inch Canvas Back

DFD 8 inch Lake Herring

DFD 10 inch Beaver

DFD 9 inch Loon

DFD 6 Inch_Pollywog

DFD 12 inch Center Nickel Jointed Rainbow Trout

DFD 5 Inch Mouse

DFD 14 inch Bass

DFD 15 inch Double Jointed Northern

DFD 9 inch Bass

DFD 7 inch lil' fat trout

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